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The Middle East and North Africa have experienced huge changes since late 2010.  There are, of course, endless discussions and debates about the changes mean.  Were the changes revolutions or were they uprisings seems to be the most common debate, the latter involving popular ‘street’ mobilizations and the former being focused more on state institutions.  What cannot be doubted is that change has been experienced in populations from Benghazi to Manama.  Any people who go through experiences that we have seen so many in the Arab speaking world go though are not going to be the same …  It does not matter whether it is Mubarak or Morsi, people are not going to be so easy to manipulate and shove around.  This is change.

It is remarkable that Europe was able to work with the Ben-Ali’s and the Mubarak’s for years, with no hint of discomfort.  No one was in the dark about the way these people held back their own people and pocketed so much of their countries resources.  But it is only now that the questions are being asked about the future of Egypt, or the future of Tunisia.  Whatever difficulties are emerging, the Arab world is looking far more hopeful than it has for decades.

Surely this is the time that companies should be looking to invest.  For the first time states like Libya look like they are in there with a chance of some sort of future.  No doubt there are endless problems on the ground.  But these problems will be worked through …  Sure there will be setbacks but Libya looks like it might just have some sort of future that is not soiled with the House of Gadaffi.





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September 21, 2011 at 10:20 pm

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