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So now we see the real face of the coup.  The message in the imprisonment of the Al Jazeera journalists is clear enough.  There is no justice in Egypt with this regime.  This is a junta.  Worse than the Mubarak years.

Obama has called for a “pardon”.  A pardon for what?  Reporting the news.  These journalists were doing their job.  Journalists are not paid to reproduce Sisi’s rubbish.  This is a very negative development and there will be much more yet to come.

But let’s be clear.  This is the regime that the US still supports.  This is the regime that the US says is in transition.  572 million dollars in military hardware has just gone to Egypt.  The US does not care what sort of injustice is handed out.  What Obama cares about is keeping Israel safe.  As long as Egypt gives its reassurance that it will attack its own people and no one else the aid will continue.



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June 23, 2014 at 10:05 pm

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