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Egypt’s whole regime now at war on journalists …

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For some time commentators have been saying the Middle East uprisings were all about representations.  We heard the message so often, few really understood exactly what it meant.  With the sentences handed out to Al Jazeera’s journalists everything has now become very clear.



How dare Sisi strut around claiming like Mussolini as though he is an elected President and that ‘his’ Judiciary represents anything remotely ‘independent’.  The Egyptian judiciary right now is a bunch of lunatics who are dizzy with their hatred of their own young people who led the uprisings?  This is open war on international journalism.  It is also a war on  information.  What we are seeing now is a regime dizzy with itself. It is very dark for everyone.

Support for these journalists has to expressed everywhere.  This is not an attack on Al Jazeera.  This is infinitely more serious.  Nothing here has anything to do with crime or the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is another set of nutters in power that have to be opposed everywhere  …

This ruling said Sisi and his military junta can do anything it wants in Egypt because the most despotic behavior will not be reported.  Those who do report the situation will be punished in exactly the same way as the Al Jazeera journalists.  Sisi however can do anything he wishes …

Of course Sisi declned getting involved in the Judges decision.  He and the institution that calls its the judiciary are part of the same time, which is incredibly reassuring for Israel …


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June 24, 2014 at 6:48 pm

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