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“Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay,” Netanyahu vows …

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With most murders, there is a police investigation.  There then follows the due process of law, establishing guilt or innocence.  But not in Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.  Netanyahu’s response to the tragic death of the three young settlers around Hebron shows Israeli justice is no different to that which imprisoned the Al Jazeera journalists.

Tonight Netanyahu will unleash the dogs of war on Gaza.  F-16s and whatever else Israel feels in the mood for will blitz Gaza.  The result will be the collective punishment on the entire population of Gaza.

Exactly the same reasoning that demonized the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is now being used to justify all hell being let loose on Gaza.  Netanyahu is the blood brother of Sisi.  We have heard the rhetoric on endless occasions.  It is the faces that change, and maybe Hebrew is switched for Arabic but the reasoning, the barbarity and violence is the same.

Netanyahu is uncomfortable with a Palestinian National Government of Unity.  His worst fear is Palestinians standing next to Palestinians.

But these should be the least of his worries.  The world is coming around.  People have heard the Zionist song too many times.  The boycott is growing because more and more people are seeing the reasoning behind it as the total opposite to the reasoning coming from Mr Netanyahu.  A huge groundswell of opinion is emerging.  The boycott movement has no talking heads like Mark Regev thank goodness but it is being talked about in Church and Mosque Committees as it is being discussed in Student and Trade Unions.  It is the boycott movement that Netanyahu should fear …


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June 30, 2014 at 8:17 pm

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