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The death of the three young settlers from Hebron …

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News of the bodies being found of the three young people who went missing at a bus stop outside Hebron is a tragedy.  The parents will be devastated. But if these three had have been Palestinians there would have been no coverage.  It would have been just another day for Palestinians.  No one would have thought there to be anything unusual.  The killing of Palestinians is just as tragic as the killing of these Israelis.  Yet you have to ask why there is no coverage when the deaths are those of Palestinians.  Where is the world when Palestinian children are slaughtered?  Do Palestinian children not matter as much as these three young settlers?

Jihad Misharawi mourns the killing of his 11-month-old son in Gaza

Jihad Misharawi mourns the killing of his 11-month-old son in Gaza

Is it only Israeli pain that registers in the Middle East?  Have we become so used to seeing dead Arabs that it does not make news any more?  Tonight the ‘most moral army in the world’ will go crazy in Hebron and Halhoul.  There will be no press coverage.  Why?  Because there will be a complete blockade of the area and a blackout of all news.  Israel will then mobilize Mark Regev and the usual denials and statements about terrorism will follow but tonight there will be a lot more violence and death.


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June 30, 2014 at 6:37 pm

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