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How does the murder of this young Palestinian on his way to the Mosque improve the situation … ?

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This tragedy must end.  This is the second young Palestinian killed in the last 48 hours.  How on earth does this settle anything …

Israel is using every excuse available to continue this violence.  Angry young Palestinians face one of the most well equipped armies in the world that continues to maintain an illegal and unjust occupation and they dare to talk about justice.  The settlers who kidnapped 16 year old Mohammed Abu Khder and left his burned and brutalized body in woodland must be put before the courts.  And the Israeli army must be held responsible for every injury they cause the young people who are on the streets in East Jerusalem right now.

These youngsters are demonstrating in the only way that is left to them after over sixty years of demonization and dispossession.  Palestine is not a full member of the United Nations but Israel is and every one of those delegates on the General Assembly floor should turn their backs in open disgust at Israel’s barbarism.  It is well known that nothing in support of the Palestinians ever goes through the Security Council but the General Assembly is another matter.  Let every delegate on the floor show open opposition to the Israeli delegation.  This is the Holy Month of Ramaden and they kill a youngster on his way to prayer.

Let the UN show its humanity by letting the Israelis and the entire world that Zionist violence is not on …  UN show your back to the thugs!

Violence: Angry young Palestinians clash with Israeli police following the murder of Arab teenager Mohammed Abu Khdair, in what is being investigated as a revenge attack for the death of three Jewish schoolboys



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July 2, 2014 at 8:04 pm

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