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The Israeli Security Cabinet met earlier today – the fourth time it has met in as many days.  Troops are being deployed all along the Gaza border.  Given the murder of this young Palestinian only a few days ago by Fascist Settlers the international community cannot stand back and let the violence against the Palestinians escalate.


The Palestinians have been hammered year in and year out since 1948.  The British government stood back after creating hell and let the violence move like wild faire, from one Palestinian village to the next.  Trade Unions cannot stand by and watch Palestine burn again.  Academics and Church groups have to mobilise.  Netanyahu has engineered this situation and the world knows it!  Thousands of Israelis are now signing up to an on-line hate campaign.  He has played the situation in exactly the way he has played tragedies in the past.  This is not democratic politics.

The whole region is in chaos.  We have never been in such a situation and the settler community behave like blood thirsty lunatics.  They live on someone else’s land and that is why they carry guns around.  Basically they are about land theft and that is why they carry their guns.  Anywhere else in the world they would be locked up.  Why are these people not in jail now?  The murder of this young boy after he is picked up outside his house is unacceptable.  The international community has to end its cowardice and stand up for Palestine.




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July 3, 2014 at 8:39 pm

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