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What a great big lie we have seen coming out of Netanyahu.  His Security Services informed him that the three young settlers who went missing weeks ago were killed almost immediately after they were snatched.  Netanyahu knew the facts.  Yet he whipped up hysteria amongst Israeli settlers and rounded up hundreds of West Bank Palestinians and put them in jail.  He created madness amongst the settler community which resulted in a 16 year old Palestinian being burned to death whilst he was still alive.  It is Netanyahu and the international community who stood by silently and watched a climate of violence being created that could only lead to to more and more tragedy.


Not satisfied with throwing hundreds of West Bankers in jail, Netanyahu has demonised Hamas with the most extraordinary rhetoric.  Fifteen Palestinians in Gaza have been killed and as many as eighty injured.  Netanyahu has to be held responsible.  Forty-thousand Israeli army reservists have now been called up and a ground invasion is expected shortly.  And again, where is the international community?

Ordinary people in the United States and in Europe should now take the initiative.  Students, academics and trade unionists should build the boycott.  Church committees should disinvest and lawyers should make arrangements for getting these criminals before the courts.  Anyone who was in doubt about the role of the Palestinian president should now be perfectly clear.  Abu Mazan has played completely into the hands of Netanyahu.  He went along with the dangerous game of Netanyahu and now we are seeing the result with the bombs dropping on Gaza.

As this is being written the Israeli Military spokesman is announcing that 40,000 plus reserves are being called up and deployed on the Gaza border.  Other reports show tanks being transported south to the same location.  So IDF soldiers and tanks are all surrounding Gaza.  Gun-boats are firing at anything that moves and F-16s and drones are in the sky.

Different media outlets are now claiming that shelters are being built in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  All the deaths so far have been on the Palestinian side and yet they are building shelters.  The UN must be reconvened and the boycott must be built by ordinary people in Europe.  Build the boycott !











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July 8, 2014 at 5:09 pm

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