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Ground invasion or no ground invasion?

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Invasion doubtful …

Following the events over the last week it seems doubtful that Israel will invade.  Israel does not want to risk its own soldiers when the bombing campaign can be continued and damage from afar maximized.  What is often forgotten is that Israel does not like risk.  It most certainly does not like to risk young Israeli blood on “the Arabs”.  Of course this approach is another expression of Israeli cowardice.  The pain and suffering of a people that had their land stolen from them does not come into the Zionist mindset.


There will be a lot more indesciminate bombing, though of course we see Mark Regev giving out his standard lies.  Israel will continue to play the game it has played for many years.  But it is really difficult to see ground troops being deployed as in Cast Lead.  This is because the very last thing that Israel wants is casualties in its own ranks.  When Israel starts to feel the pain that is routinely inflicted upon Gaza they will think again; so this is exactly what Israel does not want.  But we will see …



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July 12, 2014 at 12:46 pm

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