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Asking for a surrender is not the same as asking for a cease-fire …

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Any agreement of a cease-fire should mean the Rafah crossing is opened and the blockade of Gaza is discontinued.  It is not enough to just say the violence right now stops.  Palestinians want to live as everyone else.

Many keen observers of Israeli politics believe Netanyahu had been waiting for this opportunity to punish Gaza for quite some time.  Gaza’s crime against Israel?  Resistance.  For as long as Palestinians resist the occupation they will be a target for Israel.

Netanyahu has manipulated a tragedy that began with the murder of three young Jews outside Hebron into an all out war on the people of Gaza.  Israel is now getting nervous because international opinion has watched the violence of Israel play itself out for over 60 years.  Everyone has clicked to the Zionist project and that makes Israel nervous.

Our response to the war on Gaza should be to build the boycott.  Put on the pressure where we know it will be effective.  We should turn our back on liars in the same way that we turn our backs on all perpetrators of atrocities.


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July 14, 2014 at 7:41 pm

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