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Arguments in good faith or more of the same?

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Hypocracy on a scale that almost matched the violence on Gaza …

Ron Prosser said in the UN Security Council today:

“you made us do it”

“we had no choice”

“this was not what we wanted”

“you made us do it”

The words have been the same after every massacre. Language is abused as though it were a Palestinian. This is the language we now associate with Israel. Language that lies.  What Prosser did not realize as he spewed out his vile words was the world of ordinary people now loathe the Israeli state.  Embassies are being attacked around the world.  Israel will never be safe as long as it is blind to itself, hopelessly lost in the pain of the past inflicted on the Jewish people at another time and in another place.

Prosser does not realize that the ground assault and the endless shelling of Palestinian homes all over Gaza, makes Israel less and less safe.  It makes international civil society turn their back on this rotten apartheid state. The performance of Prosser however was dwarfed in its hypocracy when it came the support act given by Samantha Powell on behalf of the great United States.  This was a day of shame for the UN Security Council …

It is as though the very worst of the entire world becomes acceptable the minute the ‘Israel-Palestine’ issue is raised.  Peace should call forth the very best reasoning, tghe most thoughtful discussion.  But instead we get the standard abuse that blocks anything positive.  The General Assembly of the UN and the Security Council do not operate in a vacuum.  Events in New York are supposed to represent everyone.  We should therefore reject the nonsense that comes from the Israel Ambassador.  Build the Boycott and Divestment and Sanctions movement …


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July 18, 2014 at 8:02 pm

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