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Fighting on the ground in Gaza has produced the first fatalities in the Israel Armed Forces.  There has also been the demand that the Rafah border be opened.  Sisi will have respond.  No one is expecting him to behave like a human being of course.   He is now aligning himself closer to Israel than any other leader of Egypt in the past.  Sisi is also order convoys of Egyptian medical aid travelling across the Sinai to be stopped.  In the past Mubarak would not allow the crossing to be opened but he turned his back on the tunnels.  Morsi opened the border and turned his back on the tunnels.  Sisi has closed the border and the tunnels.  Nothing is going in or out.



Egypt is now next to Israel and the United States with the rest of the international community positioning themselves in the resistance camp.  The geopolitics of the Arab world is changing.  Perceptions of the international community are also shifting.  So the actions or inactions we see initiated by leaders like Sisi and Netanyahu is not the whole story.  The demonstrationS across Paris and even Sarajevo today have been unprecedented.  Similar demonstrations have been seen in London and Tokyo.

Metanyahu has threatened to Extend the ground invasion.  We will thus see further demonstrations all around the world.  We will see further exposures of the United States and Egypt.  Neither are going abandon Israel. Their rants about Israel having “the right to defend itself” will continue for some tIme yet.  But there are few echoes amongst the Egyptian people.  Sisi is not as popular as is often claimed and Obama’s presidency is now seen as a complete non-event.  The situation can only get worse.

We have seen impressive demonstrations in Amman and Turkey has taken to the streets outside the Israel Embassy in Istambul.  Egyptian Embassy staff have been recalled all around the world.  Things are now longer safe.  This is a clear indication of international opinion.  The world is with the Palestinians.  Will dissent inside Israel itself emerge as more Israeli soldiers are killed?  This is doubtful.  The ideological hold of Zionism on the Israel population can never be under-estimated but we will see.  Whatever happens in the next few days, the Arab world will continue to change.

Add what is happening in Gaza to what is happening is Syria, Iraq and Libya and what has not happened elsewhere and we see a whole different region.











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July 19, 2014 at 6:02 pm

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