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Netanyahu: the problem with the Middle East is Islam and not the racist state of Israel !

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I have just listened to the statement by Netanyahu on the television and it is clear that Israel is twisting and shifting the narrative and no doubt boxing the UN into a corner.  “We have the right this” and “we have the right that” but others also have rights, though Netanyahu does not seem to think so.  The Palestinians of course have had no rights since 1948.

Netanyahu presents Israel’s campaign of murder as a project of the Merciful Sisters of Assisi. What is even more disturbing is the way that Ban Ki Moon has been brought in a prop.  The poor man stands next to Netanyahu and is completely dwarfed.  He looks completely overwhelmed.

It looks like the whole world is lining up with the Netanyahu deception. Netanyahu claims Israel has opened up a field hospital for the Palestinians. Then why is Israel (and its ally Egypt) not allowing Doctors into Gaza in order to work with the injured in Gaza City?

The Palestinians of Gaza are used to the betrayal In 1948 750,000 were removed from their homes or scared out of their villages and the world stood by then and did absolutely nothing.  So the Palestinians know the score.

As usual a great deal is made of recognition of Israel. But recognition of Israel is recognition of what sort of politics?  Racist? Apartheid? Militarism that descends on boats in international waters and kills people? Why should anyone in the world recognize these politics? Netanyahu has said Hamas is Al Queda, Hamas is Hezbollah and so on and so on. What he means of course is they are all Arabs. No one should accept this sort of reasoning.  And no one should be bullied into accepting the politics of land clearances and constant house demolitions.   lsrael could change.  All systems have that option.  Look at Stalinism; look at apartheid South Africa. Israel should stop murdering Palestinians if it wants to be recognised by other countries.  No one hates the people of Israel but everyone loathes what Israel does …

What is so surprising about this joint press statement is the way that poor old Ban Ki Moon is being handled.  He seems to be changing his position according to where he is …  No mention of international humanitarian law and no mention of ending the closure of Gaza that forces hell on 1.8 million people.  Netanyahu said “we will continue doing what we have to do”.  And here of course is the root of the whole problem.

Head and shoulders portrait of 60-ish man with gray hair, wearing suit and tie and looking at camera.

Palestine’s moment is coming.  The American and Egyptian leadership will keep up the pressure on the Palestinians.   No principles are going to get in the way of these people.  But for ordinary people who are watching something unfold that is totally unjust it is another story.  Standing back and remaining silent condones the fabrications of Netanyahu.  He has been planning for what is going on now since those three young Israelis went missing and were found murdered.  At some point the tide will turn.  We have to demand that the borders are opened because it is right and above all else we have to build the boycott …



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July 22, 2014 at 1:59 pm

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