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Fight for our humanity alongside the people of Gaza

Justice for Palestine needs you !

At times like this people can feel hopeless; they do not know what to do.  This is the wrong reaction.  We have to fight,  peacefully of course.  First we have to put elected officials, Scottish Members of Parliament, Members of the Westminster Parliament, union leaders and Church representatives should all be phoned, emailed, and written to with proper letters.  Then we need to put their replies in the public realm, on Facebook, on websites and so on.  If our representatives do not stand up for Palestine then you can guarantee they are not going to put up any sort of defense on local issues.  Watch this page for more contact details and the responses people have had in contacting them …  Also see SPSC website for details of sample letters at

Up front should be the demands that the people are making: a ceasefire based on a lifting of the closure restrictions, an opening of the Rafah crossing and free access to Gaza Port for imports, exports and tourists.  WE want the free exchange of people, people travelling to Gaza from Scotland and people travelling to Scotland from Gaza.  We want Doctors and teachers to offer their skills and above all else we want international lawyers, compiling documents and evidence that support the case of the people of Gaza against the most moral army in the world.  A lot of work to be done …

Universities, hospitals, local Churches and Mosques along with all the groups of civil society in Scotland are important.  Student groups and the trade unions should be central.  We now need to link all our different activities up and become more efficient lobbying and protest networks.

Contact details:


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July 22, 2014 at 3:51 am

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