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What is important to grasp in the current crisis is that Israel has behaved this way since the 1940’s.  In 1948 it was ruthless in cleasing the land of Palestinians.  So they are behaving as they have for over sixty odd years.  And during those years some outstanding people have opposed their Zionist project.  When people criticize Israel now they should think of all those before them who have stood up to Zionism like Hannah Arendt.

We should also remember that Gaza is not going down without a fight.  Gaza is fighting back.  Israel’s military capacities exceed those of the resistance but Gaza has the support of people everywhere.  This is a rare moment on the BBC

This is Desmond Tutu.  Listen to what he says about opposing Israeli apartheid through the arts.

This is Mandella.  Listen to what he says about supporting Palestinians in their right to self-determination.  Palestinians have every right to fight a wicked and cruel system that is now destroying hospitals and schools.

Palestinians are fighting back and they have every justification in doing so.  The people of Gaza are opposing a system that blights humanity’s progress.  This is Kaufman

It is important that ordinary people opposing Israel’s constant war on Gaza look at who else has been opposing Israel.  These arguments cannot be over-rehearsed at this point in time.  What we are seeing right now we have seen many times since 1967.  Israel must be opposed time and time again.  Opposition forces should be built in the boycott movement.  Mobilise trade unions, professional associations, Church and Mosque committees everywhere.  We have a task to do in standing next to those fighting in Gaza.  There are arguments to be had and a boycott to be put in place.  This will not come from our leaders but it will come from us putting pressure on leaders.  Organise now …

Build the boycott in every nation.  These are Greek songs.  Play these songs everywhere.

No more tears.  Listen to this …


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July 22, 2014 at 10:40 am

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