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Israel and Kerry should be hanging their heads in shame …

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Security for Israel?

How many ways are there of covering the truth? Even though a statement had already been made in Israel, John Kerry could not even bring himself to say that the Israeli war cabinet had met and thrown out Kerry’s proposals. Similarly, he could not say that the US were not unhappy with a Palestinian unity government. Kerry choked on anything that sounded remotely like mentioning Hamas, even though the whole world has seen them stand up to the Israeli army with incredible courage. Netanyahu and Kerry are embarrassed and that could not be covered.

Yet Kerry stood in front of the international press in Cairo and immediately went into the Washington speak about security for Israel. This is the Israel that occupies the West Bank, the Israel that builds settlements and Jews-only roads that cut Palestinian communities in half and the Israel that maintains the inhuman  closure of Gaza. Kerry then has the nerve to introduce his “peace initiative” by babbling on about Israel’s right to security. It is Israel’s security that denies security for everyone else, especially five million Palestinians.

There have been demonstrations all around the world in support of Palestine and there has been nothing in support of the Israel’s madness. Does this not mean anything to Kerry? He talks about Israelis having the right to feel secure in their schools and says absolutely nothing about Israel shelling several UN schools. Israel are now bombing everything and anything in Gaza and the whole world is watching.   And Obama and Kerry wonder why people everywhere loathe America.

The US spineless support for Israel is the problem. It is not anything remotely like the solution and no one knows what the hell the talk about there being “a framework in place” means. Kerry concluded his announcement by saying he was going to Paris.  Again, he could not bring himself to mention that he was talking to Qatar, Turkey and European representatives.

The point which could not be covered up was that Israel has not defeated Gaza. They have thrown everything at that narrow strip of land and they have beaten no one. They have murdered and maimed children mercilessly and they have beaten no one. Long live Palestine and its wonderful people who have shown the world what dignity means.  If Israel thinks they have come out of the last couple of weeks looking like anything but cowards then they have all gone a little Netanyahu.




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July 25, 2014 at 7:41 pm

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