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So the Israeli war cabinet agrees to a 24 hour cease-fire but say they are keeping the ground forces in Gaza and they are still destroying tunnels.  They say there can be no humanitarian aid going into Gaza.  And they call this a truce.

This is the same Israel that claims it only targets Hamas combatants.  Israel targets Palestinians full stop.  Their is neither the protection on non-combatants nor any limitations on what they are prepared to do to destroy the people.

There has been no proportionality.  Even hospitals, schools and clinics have been shelled.  Netanyahu even went on the television claiming there was no closure of Gaza and it was possible to import and export as elsewhere.  These are not lies.  They are the statements made by a state that has lost all sense of reality.

And they say they want a 24 hour truce.  No one should be taken in by Israeli lies.  All internationals call for an ending of the seige, removal of the ground forces, and the complete opening of Gaza.  We want the Port of gaza opened so that supporters can travel directly to Gaza.  We want the Rafah border crossing opened for imports and exports.


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July 26, 2014 at 10:16 pm

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