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Israel: a state of criminality

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Look at this.  Where is proportionality?  How could this be focused on combatants?  This is indiscriminate bombing.  Can anything Israel says be trusted?  Can Israel be considered legal?  No critique is accepted.  Listen to Regev.  These are criminals, completely outside human international humanitarian law.

There have been over 1,000 Palestinians murdered.  This is not the first time of course.  This is the third siege since 2006.  This is no longer a question to be settled by Israel and Gaza.  This is an international issue.

Thus whilst the standard rap is reproduced about Israel having the right to defend itself the inter national community must move things on to a question of international humanitarian law.  The US has no say in the issue.  If a consortium of states along with Palestinian representatives put a file before the International Criminal Court then we can expect to see some resolution.  But nothing is going to be settled until Israel’s leaders are in the Hague.

There are no newspapers in the English language that are not denouncing Israel.  All recognise indiscriminate bombing.  No one single newspaper is not denouncing Israel.  The position of Israel is now impossible.  There are thousands and thousands of people on the streets in almost all British cities.  Outside the Israeli Embassy in London there are record crowds.

Conferences must be called in all the European and American cities and strategies worked out for getting Israel in front of the International Criminal Court.  Whatever the outcome of the cease-fire agreement, this time Israel really has gone too far.



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July 26, 2014 at 3:08 pm

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