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“Everything we did we did in defence” Mark Regev on Al Jazeera 4th August 2014.

Israel has lost incredible legitimacy.  Israel has killed once again on a horrendous scale and claimed every death was about defense.  Nothing the Israeli spokesperson says makes sense anymore.  In the past Regev was simply seen as a liar.  Now he is seen as someone who should be sharing a very white room with Tony Blair.  Israel has targeted and killed Palestinian civilians – women and children – who they claim make rockets in their cellars.  Well perhaps they do know why they all go a wee bit Ben Gurion every time they hear the word ‘Gaza’ but everyone else knows what is going on …  Europe has seen more than its share of nutters with guns.

The question I would like to ask Regev however is this: when are you going to realise that the Palestinians are going nowhere?  The ethnic cleansing of 1948 did not clear them off their land.   1967 did not chase them away.   45 years of a wicked occupation have not really stopped anyone getting on with Palestinian life.   And certainly sticking up a monster of a wall has shamed no one but Israel.  So when does Mr Regev and his team get it?



Let’s be clear on this Mark, this day is coming …




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August 4, 2014 at 10:26 pm

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