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An army of cowards led by liars !

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According to YNet,7340,L-4555207,00.html IDF troops, who were ‘highly motivated’ during the fighting in Operation Protective Edge, expressed disappointment as the army finished withdrawing from Gaza.  One wonders about the source of this disappointment.  Did they not murder enough Palestinian women and children?



Had the Palestinians had an army, an airforce and a navy the Israelis might have felt a little happier leaving Gaza.  This picture shows some of the weaponry Israel needed to kill unarmed civilians.  Imagine what they might have needed if the people of Gaza were equally equipped?  The IDF did not win anything.  Their armed forces have become the most despised army in the world.  It is an army of cowards led by liars.  No one is fooled anymore.

What must happen now is that international civil society must carry out two tasks.  The first is to mobilise groups who are able to go into Gaza and work with their Palestinian brothers in rebuilding home, clinics and schools.  For to do this the closure must be removed and goods and materials be moved into Gaza immediately.  Second, the boycott of Israel must be built.  If the Israeli state behaves as war state then it must be isolated, and separated from interacting with the rest of the world.

The most immediate task however is getting in medical materials and clean water facilities.  Building Gaza will be possible but it will cost.  All costs must be billed to Israel !  Let Israel rot in its cruelty.  No one should forget this crime.  The sooner the Israeli ‘leaders’ are shipped off to the Hague the better.

Below is what everyone should remember when they hear the name Israel.  It is a state that should hang its head in shame.




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August 6, 2014 at 5:47 pm

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