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End the closure of Gaza immediately!

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The closure of Gaza must be lifted.

If there is to be any long-term peace then the cause of violence must be tackled.  Israel must lift the closure.  The UN must intervene.  The Arab League must intervene.  Europe must intervene.  Forget the USA, the Americans will toe the Isrtaeli line no matter what but other powers must not be led by Israel’s hatred of the Palestinians.


Arguments must still be put to the Israelis and Americans but there should be no expectation that they will become reasonable.  The occupation must end.  Israel is not driven by any sentiment to which an appeal might be made.  It is now up to others to put their foot down.  Building the boycott will have an impact however.

Egypt and several states in the Arab world can also be forgotten.

Erakat has announced that Palestine will be going to the International Criminal Court; they will be signing the Rome Statute.  This is right.   Israel must answer for its crimes.



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August 7, 2014 at 10:07 am

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