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It is about time Jewish supporters of Palestine spoke about the Holocaust

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Zionism is not the ideology that shows the lessons learned by people after the horrors of the Holocaust.  There are now more and more young people who are thinking their way out of Zionist distortions, which do as much damage to the cause of justice for Palestine as the bombs dropped on Gaza.  Many young people are now saying ‘enough of the Israeli lies’.

Demonstations like the one yesterday in London were held all over the world.  Below are just some of demonstrations.  People were on the streets calling for a boycott and everywhere there was a single demand: ‘Boycott Israel’.  We all now need to step in and do the job politicians cannot even imagine.  We need to push everywhere for Palestinian freedom and justice.  Our leaders who refuse to stand up to Israel have now become part of the problem.  The task is now for international grass-root organizations to step up to the task and build the boycott.

This was Tunisia, but it was the same in Denmark, Lebanon, Germany, France and Greece.  Here are other photographs

World Protests in Solidarity with Gaza

This was Ireland

Gaza Protest. Pictured around 2,500 pe

This is London


This is Morocco

Rabat, Morocco

This is Jordan

Amman, Jordan

This is South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

This is Spain



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August 10, 2014 at 10:24 am

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