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Yesterday ordinary people all around the world took to the streets in the millions to oppose Israel’s violent assault on the Palestinian people of Gaza. That those demonstrating should include Jews who see the attacks on Palestinians in a similar way to anti-Semite attacks on Jews in Europe should surprise no one. It is crazy to think the two are unconnected in colonial Europe. When the fight against anti-Semitism is won, settlers on the West Bank will no longer have a cover for continuing their mindless war on Palestinians. Jews against Zionism show the essence of a connection that has to be spelled out. Barnaby Raine who organised the ‘Jewish bloc’ against Zionism on yesterday’s march in London should be celebrated by building Jews against Zionism on all our campuses. This young man represents a tradition that is important for the boycott of Israel. Like Judith Butler these young people do not hide their opposition to racism of any hue. It is the fight against racism that the Palestine cause initiates, in its most brutal form as Palestinian land is stolen and a whole people punished for refusing to disappear …

Many European leaders and intellectuals like Bernard Henri Levi must be getting nervous as they observe the turnout yesterday which connects the struggle of Palestine to what Europe has refused to face up to for decades. Anti-Semitism is a European practice that was never limited to Germany. The idea that Palestine should be paying for European crimes now is unthinkable for a new generation of Jewish activists like Barnaby Raine. Yesterday was a break though. Arguments for the boycott should now be had out on every university campus. If we are never to return to the death camps then Palestine must be supported along with the one state solution vigorously. The right of return for Palestinians, many of whom had to flee to Gaza in 1948 and 1967 and are now without homes, schools and clinics all over Gaza must be supported. The great Islamic University of Gaza must be rebuilt at the very same time that Israel and its war on the people of Gaza is given the red card. Boycott Israel, demand that the closure of Gaza is lifted, the Rafah crossing is opened and everything that was destroyed in this last siege is rebuilt to the point that it is better than ever …



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August 10, 2014 at 5:06 pm

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