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Palestinians do not want charity. They want real development …

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This is an extremely important film.  It details the impact of international aid on Palestinian development. It shows ‘aid’ keeps the Palestinians going whilst it does nothing to get to the root of the whole problem, which is a very nasty occupation.  Indeed, with the constant flow of aid, the the occupation has become more embedded in post-Oslo Palestinian life.

Palestine asks questions of us all. Nothing changes when ordinary people remain uninvolved.  The occupation raises all kinds of questions about the British involvement in Zionism.  It asks about Zionism’s relationship to the history of Europe, which of course until recently has been a no-go area.  Palestine asks us all to grow up and be clear about our opposition to the settlements.  

The importance of this film however is in its showing the continuation of the problem in the aid industry.  Aid is not aid if it does not produce the conditions of real development.  Europe’s support is a sham.  We support ourselves with aid programs and not the Palestinian people.  We create an NGO elite that has nothing to do with development.

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Some real thinking has to be done by ordinary people.  We cannot leave it to the politicians.  At best they are menace and at worst they promote Zionism by refusing to face up to its cause.  The Palestinians do not need charity.  Palestinians need to be given a chance to be themselves, and to live and develop their way of a life in a way that contributes to the world.  One of the amazing things that I have discovered through the years is how much the world is denied by Palestinians being kept apart from the rest of us.  It is now time for us to all oppose this miserable ideology that Israel promotes and get stuck into real development, Palestinian as well as our own.  Build the boycott !



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August 12, 2014 at 2:28 pm

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