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This was a man rejecting any doubt on war.      Nowhere does he consider the British electorate.  Since the Iraq war Blair has talked of his unpopularity.  To describe him as unpopular is not correct.  The UK has had more than its share of cowboys leading it.  This was different.

Blair lied.  He is seen by the UK electorate as being no better than Mubarak or Assad.  Blair abused democracy.  And now he is whizzing around the Middle East representing the Quartet.  He sits in the room where the future of Gaza is being discussed and he is an exposed liar.  How is he different to others, in the Middle East who have been shown the door?

This man is not fit to clean the shoes of the Palestinian people of Gaza.  Like George Bush, Blair has constantly claimed to have been guided by God on the Iraq war.  How is this different to those who fight in the Middle East now and also claim to be guided by God?

If this man had any sense of decency, he would stand down from any role at all in the Gaza peace talks.  He represents no on.


Written by uprisings230950

August 17, 2014 at 5:26 pm

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