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‘He should be in the Middle East, not the UK’: Peace envoy Tony Blair blasted for throwing surprise birthday party for wife Cherie’s 60th at their £6 million mansion – as Gaza death toll passes 1,050

Tony Blair

The above headline might be stretching the truth but at least Tony is harmless when he is throwing trifle around at his wife’s birthday party.  Just keep the lunatic away from the matches!

Organising a bun fight that cost disgusting amounts of money is the measure of Blair. The man is a disgrace. He is no different to Assad and Mubarak. The difference between Blair and dictators like Ben Ali is that Blair could not get away with it. He sees nothing morally questionable about those leaders that have been overthrown. Most certainly he sees nothing questionable about Zionism. This is the same man remember who took Britain to war in Iraq and murdered thousands and thousands. This is the same man who will do interview after interview telling the world that he acted in good faith on the Iraq issue.

The crisis of the West is expressed in the problem of Blair. He was “our” Prime Minister. He was our man in Number 10 and he was a liar and completely without any compassion for the Palestinian people.

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August 21, 2014 at 5:00 pm

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