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Whatever we may think of the ambiguities around Palestinian statehood, the issue is just not going away.  The Olso process failed.  it did not make the problem go away.  Palestinians were undoubtedly put off the scent for a while.  But it was temporary. How could it be otherwise?

The question of Palestine has been represented as a question for far too long.  The hallucinations and threats of Israel have to put aside.  We have been moved by Zionist hysteria for far too long.  This is understandable in some ways.  Europe has treated the Jewish people appallingly.  No other people have been subject to similar treatment.  This we can never forget.

But we now have to move things on.  Palestine has been marginalised because of crimes committed by another people at another time.  The reasoning has to shift, along with these …

On no one’s reckoning can settlements be acceptable.  Here we have physical blocks of injustice.  How can the Palestinians be expected to live “around” these settlements?  How can the international community look the other way?  To not face up to the illegality of the settlements puts international politics back to the dark ages.

Settlements and the Palestinians right to self-determination now cannot be waived aside …


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January 4, 2015 at 9:14 am

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