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Why is no one talking about Gaza?

Gaza is in an appalling situation.  Tunnels have been closed and little goes through Rafah.  No one seems to be considering the fact that the reason we had tunnels in the first place was because nothing nearly like what was needed was going in through the crossings.  The international community have not even come up with 10% of what was promised.  Of course no one is surprised there but the situation right now is a scandal.  What we are seeing is Gaza being punished yet again.

But Gaza will not go down.  The people of Gaza will not go away.  Gaza is Gaza.  Why is President Abbas not visiting Gaza?  Why is international aid not forthcoming?  What is going on is an offence to humanity, which of course is the modus operandi for Israel.  No one expects barbarians to behave in any other way.  The world now expects nothing from Israel.

We should however expect more from each other in support for Gaza.  1.8 million people in Gaza are going through hell and no one is even talking about the situation.  Who the hell cares about the Israeli elections.  Israel is beyond the pale.  It is Gaza that should be the focus on international action now.  Lobby politicians in the United Kingdom.  Write to the newspapers and of course build the boycott.  Discuss the situation with International Criminal Court.  Lobby wherever it is possible.


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March 6, 2015 at 9:36 pm

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